Boyhood: Patricia Arquette keeps getting fatter while serial marrying a bunch of drunks, and everyone yells at a nice boy his whole life…


 I think?

I know its a little late, but I just watched Boyhood directed by Richard Linklater. I guess it was so hyped up, I was expecting to be moved with tears and have a whole life realization after watching. To tell you the truth, if you don’t have 166 minutes to watch the movie, just read my title of the article and you will pretty much get the idea.

It got 99% on Rotten Tomatoes- I do agree the whole idea behind the movie, the 12 year commitment by the actors, and the cinematography were amazing, but maybe I am just too basic in that I kept waiting for something to actually happen. They really know how to dangle you on a thread- Spoiler alert, nothing happens (I guess that is the point though).

One day in my life has more of a plot line than Boyhood…

… End rant…

Cmd+C Cmd+V= Shortcut City

The Copy and Paste Generation


I am 24. Do you guys remember Type to Learn? We were the first waves of computer students. We had computer class when we were 9 years old which sounds past due according to today’s standards. Do schools even have that anymore or are kids just naturally engrained with computers skills from playing with their iPads and iPhones starting at age 2?

What I am getting at is that we have grown up with a mindset that is prone to shortcuts. Do you remember hand writing your essays? That shit took forever… on another note, do schools even teach cursive nowadays?  Along with learning to type, meant learning to Cut and Paste-

Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V

= the easy way out

Don’t lie, we have all done it despite our vast MLA education that they pound into our heads every year starting in 4th grade. Every single one of us has either used a friends old essay, or copied and pasted at least a sentence or two from some online source. We have all even heard of those people who have directly copied a full Wikipedia page to use as an essay (we heard of these people because they were caught). I thought that was an urban legend but apparently people did it.

What this has created fifteen years later is a generation of laziness. We forget what hard work is because we have always had it so easy. The most difficult problem for us now is when our technology fails us. It is supposed to help us but lets be honest- its a big technical headache when your computers don’t do what you tell them to do.  Since we grew up with a generation of “hmm lets type this” or “let’s copy and paste this just to save a few minutes”- we now have the mentality of instant gratification and the use of shortcuts to shave off a couple of minutes that could be now be used to check Instagram or watch TV.

Just like everything there are Pros and Cons. Even though I sound very pessimistic about my generation, there are also great innovations that have been made because of our robot like minds. Many of my friends have launched different Startup companies, or developed well known apps. And of course computers and technology have brought us a long way, in terms of health, science, medicine, and general knowledge. I often wonder if we have limited ourselves socially in exchange for easy access to vast information. What do you think, are we better off now?

Going back to 4th grade, do you remember D.E.A.R?  Drop Everything and Read- for 15 minutes. Well I want to employ D.E.A.L- DROP EVERYTHING AND LIVE. And just to make it relevant I will make it a hashtag.


It means you are going off line and off technology.  Maybe we could all pledge for 2 hours a day to just get off the tech train and get back to the basics. Anyone with me?