Kaycelyn’s Favorite Things

I have new obsessions every week.

Kaycelyn's Favorite Things

1. SERIAL– Somehow many people still haven’t heard about this…

Serial_Podcast_PreviewI drove up to Northern California and was told to listen to this free podcast called Serial that I had been hearing about. I am pretty sure I have mentioned it to every single person I have come into contact with since I finished listening.

High school- Young Romance- Murder Case- 1999- Holes in Story- Negligence by the law?- Wrongly convicted man in jail? Love Triangle?

I have many questions still about this, mainly when are they going to make a movie… Get on the bandwagon before this gets a movie deal by  David Fincher, the director from Gone Girl.

P.S. While listening to this podcast it made me recall a movie I saw in film school directed by Justin Lin (Fast and the Furious) called ‘Better Luck Tomorrow‘ (watch here) about over achieving asian students and the pressure of their families to succeed and how they end up rebelling and getting into some questionable & illicit situations…




Every month this app prompts you to upload 100 of pictures of your choosing from your cell phone, which get printed in a book form and sent to you a week or two later. Best part is, it is only $2.99 per month. Everything these days is so digital and therefor intangible, that physical pictures just seem to mean something more. The photos have perforated edges and are easy to tear out, so I love giving them to family and friends, hanging them on the fridge, or framing them!

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2015-05-05 00

3. GET AROUND– coming to a city near you.

urlWhile I was up North, my friend asked me if I wanted to drive around the city in a convertible for a couple hours, and I said, “How?” He told me “not to worry about the details…” he sounded like he was in the mob. But sure enough, we picked up a mini cooper convertible parked on a small street in SF. Your phone opens the door electronically, and boom, you have a new car for a couple hours, or even the whole day.

If AirB&B and Lyft had a baby, it would be Get Around. Car owners temporarily let their cars be rented for a small fee. Everyone wins, and I heard the insurance is pretty solid even when it comes to fixing the smallest of scratches if your vehicle is damaged.

Available in SF, Washington DC, and Portland, but don’t worry- I am sure LA is next!



Stay tuned for more of moi’s fave thangs.